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Friday, September 6, 2013

77800 / 77900 SERIES
PART SEVEN – 77921 / 77937


The 77800 45 single series began when the release designation for the 400 45 single series was reassigned to a matrix series with the release of 77800 that carried matrix numbers WP-429-B and WP-430. The second release in the 77800 series, 77801, had matrix numbers WP-432 and WP-433.  The 77800 series would be the final 45 RPM single series for the World Pacific/Pacific Jazz/Aura line and would be a mixed bag of musical genres, drawing from the new Pacific Jazz PJ series, the World Pacific 1400 and 1800 LP series, the Aura LP series and random single releases not drawn from an LP release. 

Many of the artists represented on these World Pacific 45 RPM releases achieved fame beyond their credit listing as performer, arranger or producer of the 45 single.  The listing will separate these credits with a back slash in each case: performing artist or group / arranger / producer. The artists represented in this seventh group of releases include: Craig Hundley / Don Sebesky & Allyn Ferguson / Richard Bock, The Carnival / Bob Alcivar & Bill Holman & Bones Howe / Bones Howe, Satya Sai Baba / Richard Bock, Jimmy Scruggs / Arthur Wright / Lee Young & Wayne Henderson, Cannery Row / Larry Goldberg, The Houstons / Nozomi Aoki, Geraldine Stevens / Dana Reisdorff, The Baker Street Philharmonic / Mike Vickers & Mike Sloman, Geraldine Stevens / Al Capps / Vic Dana, The California Earthquake / Jimmy Langford / Tommy Oliver & Tony Scotti, Cannery Row / Danny Kootch / John Fischbach, The Fortunes / Garry Sherman / Noel Walker & Billy Davis.

All labels © EMI Capitol Music


All labels © EMI Capitol Music

The WP 77900 series appears to end with WP-77937.  The next numerical series uses 88000 beginning with 88120.  The AURA imprint was also intermixed with this numerical series as well as other numerical series.  This will be examined in the next post to this blog that examines the AURA 45 single series.

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