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Friday, November 16, 2012

PART SIX - PJ-10101 / PJ-10120


Woody Woodward joined Pacific Jazz in 1955 and quickly became Dick Bock’s right hand man.  Woody was equally adept at designing album covers, writing liner notes, shooting session photography and the myriad other tasks involved in the production of records.  

One of the economies that Woody employed in album cover design was the creation of a single piece of art for the cover slick with both the monaural and stereo information on the finished cover.  The fabrication company would simply position the slick to display the mono information for one jacket cover and move it down to reveal the stereo information for the stereo jacket cover.

The horizontal rectangle with the nestled PJ logo was introduced on covers as seen in our examination of the New PJ Series - Part Five.  Some of those examples had the release number, two digits, printed in the upper right corner of the logo rectangle.  When the numbering series expanded to five digits the number was printed on a top corner and the logo rectangle was positioned elsewhere on the jacket front as seen in some of the examples below.

The final solution was to integrate the number with the nestled logo in a new  vertical rectangle that would be positioned at the top of the jacket front.

Artists represented on this group of releases include: Les McCann, Gil Fuller and The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra featuring James Moody, Gerry Mulligan, The Zimbo Trio, Wes Montgomery, Richard “Groove” Holmes, The Jazz Crusaders, Chico Hamilton,  Richard “Groove “ Holmes with Gene Ammons, Ben Webster, Les McCann and Joe Pass, Bud Shank, Bob Florence, The Gerald Wilson Orchestra, The Don Ellis Orchestra, Buddy Rich New Big Band, The Jazz Corps, Tommy Peltier, Roland Kirk, and Booker Ervin.

All labels © EMI Capitol Music

All labels © EMI Capitol Music

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  1. I've seen Gerry Mulligan's "Paris Concert" (1/20101) on the dark blue stereo label with the design as shown on Wes Montgomery's "Easy Groove" above.